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Name Website
4wardEnergy Research - A-8020 Graz - Austria
Candelec Industries Batteries Solar Energy Shenzhen - China
Energy Cakes Nahrungsmittel - A-1220 Wien - Austria
EPH Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (Energy) Praha - Czech Republic
Essen-RWE Strom /Gas / Energy - Germany
Florida Roofing -Solar Energy - Miami FL 33126 - USA
Hamburg-Vattenfall Energy / Strom - Germany
Moscow - Gazprom Energy / Oil / Gas - Moskau - Russia
Navrangpura - Adani Energy Market - India / Indien
REG-Renewal Energy Group - Biodiesel -Ames - USA
Seville - Abengoa Renewable Energy - Sevilla Spain
Socar Gas- and Oilcompany - Energy of Azerbaijan
Washington - Awea American Wind Energy Ass. - USA